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Welcome! This month’s release, like the album it belongs to, has been a long time in coming. The CD release is nearing (really it is). The new release is The End of the Line, a narrative song, like many others on the CD. For this one I attempt to channel Hank Williams, but wires are crossed and I receive Rod Serling instead. Great harmony vocals by bandmates Robin Winter and Bill Mantone, with piano by Mark Retallack and pedal steel by Leo Egan.

You can hear any of the new songs by pressing the play buttons to the left. Or, you can enjoy them as YouTube videos by clicking The End of the LineMeditationBound to Be RealEverybody's Lonesome, The Old Violin, or my song for the winter holidays, A Better World

 Please listen, enjoy, and share these songs with others if you like what you hear. Many thanks!