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At long last the new cd, Nobody's Angel, has arrived and is available now for shipping. You can order by clicking the order here button above, which facilitates payment through Paypal or a credit card. The CD will be available for digital download soon, but is currently only available in physical form. 

To celebrate the arrival of the  CD, you can play the title song by clicking the play button at the left. Or, you can view it as a You Tube lyric video by clicking here

You can hear some of the other new songs from the cd by pressing the play buttons to the left. Or, you can also enjoy these as YouTube videos by clicking Sun SingerThe End of the Line, MeditationBound to Be RealEverybody's Lonesome, The Old Violin, or my song for the winter holidays, A Better World

 Please be safe and well.


From the CD:

From the CD:

In the many years that I have been writing songs, my imagination has led me down numerous intriguing pathways where I found whimsy and good humor in equal measure with wonder and contemplation...  But if that sounds a bit lofty, my wife says they are all still love songs.   I certainly hope so.  Enjoy the journey!