From the recording Nobody's Angel


I was drivin' out west                           
tryin' to make up some time
I was needin' some rest
cuz I was losin' my mind
when away up ahead
I saw an old country bar
with a big flashin' sign
that said "The End of the Line"
So I pulled in the drive
got out of my car
and the first thing I heard
was a wailin' guitar
and a man at the door
says "Come on in here, son,
we'll have you feelin' just fine
at 'The End of the Line'"
   At the end of the road
   where we'll all meet in time
    there’s a place you can go
    for your last sip of wine
    you can loosen your load
     let it all unwind
     you can let it all go
     at "The End of the Line"
I sat at the bar
and I took in the show
there were some old time stars
that I thought I should know
they were singin' a tune
I knew I'd heard it before
the way their voices entwined
at "The End of the Line"
 At the end of the road...
I stayed there awhile
but I can't say how long
till a man tapped my arm
and said "It's time to move on.
We'll be closin' up soon
Best you miiss the last call
but you'll be back in your time
to 'The End of the Line'"
 At the end of the road...