1. Nobody's Angel

From the recording Nobody's Angel


Darkness is falling
I'm on the road once again
wishin' you were beside me
on a night with no end,
wishin' I could believe,
no need to pretend,
but there's a dark moon risin'
and there's a storm on the wind

And you're nobody's angel
you're nobody's dream
you're nobody's idol
you're nobody's queen
you are no illusion
you're no fantasy
you're just what life made you
and life made you for me

Put a light in the window
leave a key by the door
I could be on my way home
and never leave anymore
and I want you to know
the way that I feel
never knew I was searchin'
for something so real

And you're nobody's angel...

It's been a long time comin'
many roads and dead ends
through some cold lonely places
I hope I don't see again
but then the road brought me near you
and the smile on your face
said we were fallin' in love
instead of fallin' from grace

But I'm nobody's hero
I'm no superman
it takes all of my power
just to be who I am
I'm no one's illusion
but I try to be true
and take all that life made me
bring it all home to you
take all that life made me
bring it all home to you