From the recording Nobody's Angel


down in an alley,
late in the day
I saw an old man
in a doorway
he didn't want my money
didn't ask for my spare change
he just looked through me
and I thought I heard him say
mister, you don't know me
and I don't know you
you don't know nothin'
about the things that I been through
there's no way to tell you
why I'm here by this door
but one thing I do know
and I know it for sure
everybody's lonesome tonight
everyone's got a heartache 
that won't come out right
and everybody's searchin'
for just one ray of light
but everybody's lonesome tonight
I went on my way
lookin' for a good time
couldn't get that old man
out of my mind
the sound of his voice
the look in his eye
came right back to me
from every stranger I passed by
I stopped in to a bar
to look up some old friends
but I could not connect
with any one of them
the mirror by the table 
when I looked in to see
there's that old man
starin' right back at me
and sayin'
everybody's lonesome...
the evening was over
I was feelin' kinda strange
back in the alley
only the light had changed
as I walked to that doorway
he flashed me a smile
and a wave of his hand
said come sit by me awhile
I never heard his story
never told him mine
but while we sat together
he opened a doorway 
in my mind
now when I'm lonely
and far from my hone
a voice in the night says
you can never be alone, 'cause
everybody's lonesome...