There is nothing in the world that transports us like
music, and there is no music more human and
enduring than a simple song.
I am profoundly
grateful to have a few of my own to share.

I hope you enjoy them...Mark

All in Good Time, the new CD by the Whose Muddy Shoes acoustic quartet is here! Right on time and not a moment too soon. Four years in the making, it has been worth the wait. But don't take my word for it, click to hear songs at the quartet's Myspace page. Meanwhile, I'm back in the studio working on a new solo CD. I've been waiting to put this one together for a long time and am very excited to be working on it finally. Check back for more news as the project progresses. And come see the band at Chianti Cafe in Beverly. We're now in our fourth year of this great residency, and we're there every Sunday. Click the Schedule button for more details.


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