From the recording Nobody's Angel

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I been through some trouble
but I ain't never quit
got myself together
didn't like it one bit
I'd rather take it easy
live out on a raft
be nothin' but a dreamer
but nobody would laugh
when they see my ship a' comin'
up the river one day
glory hallelujah, baby
love is here to stay!
this one's got to be real
this one's got to be real
no matter what you're thinkin'
no matter how you feel, baby
this one's bound to be real
It was on a Sunday mornin'
I remember it quite well,
I thought I'd do some fishin' 
put my feet up for a spell,
all at once it hit me 
there was somethin' on my line
I called the operator
and she answered just in time
the water started risin' 
the wind began to roar
I got a funny feelin' 
this had happened once before
and this one's got to be real...
When I woke up from my coma
I was feelin' kinda dead
I thought I saw an angel
standin' by my bed
she woke me from my slumber
put my feet back on the ground
I thought I was in heaven
every time she came around
people called me crazy 
told me somethin' wasn't right
I told them don't you worry now
I think I've seen the light!
and this one's got to be real...