From the recording This Old Song

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You are my angel
you are the apple of my eye
you lit the stars
and you hung the moon
but if I’m cryin’
baby you know the reason why
cuz you give me
the right to sing the blues

I see you stretched out on your
gold and silver bed
I get excited and confused
you take my lovin’
and you take my breath away
and you give me the right
to sing the blues

You are my diva
you are my queen of style and grace
you always know just what to do
you are so heavenly, I just cannot relate
'cuz you ain’t got
the right to sing the blues

There are no wrinkles
in your Mona Lisa smile
you’ve got no messed-up attitudes
you’ve got no worries
and you have no sleepless nights
and you have got no
right to sing the blues

So it's, bye-bye baby bye-bye
the time has come for me to go
before I leave you
on this highway headed west
there’s just a few things
I think you ought to know

I slashed your tires
and I broke your TV set
I took your favorite dancing shoes
I took your credit card
and ran up a little debt
so you might have
the right to sing the blues

Yes it's bye-bye baby bye-bye
the cops are comin for you soon
they want to ask
about this money that you owe
and about the drugs that I left
hidden in your room

They want to take you
for a little ride downtown
and book you for the things you do
and when they read your rights
I’m sure they’ll let you know
that now you’ve got
the right to sing the blues
yes, you have got
the right to sing the blues.