From the recording This Old Song

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It used to be the young girls
with diamonds in their eyes
would offer him their secrets
and listen to his lies
It used to be tomorrow
was the last thing on his mind
but now the party's over
the past is hard to find
He used to be so carefree,
he used to be so cool.
born to be most likely
to be nobody's fool,
but now it ain't so easy
findin' games that he can win
and he's still out there lookin',
lookin' for a friend

Time was on his side
when time was goin' slow
cuz he was goin' nowhere
he had nowhere to go
and time gave him some chances
to leave it all behind
but the times were just so easy
he let 'em all roll by
they rolled up to his doorstep
they rolled down to the sea
and anywhere those
good times rolled
was where he meant to be
but now the tide is turnin'
and his turn is at an end
but he's still out there lookin',
lookin' for a friend

I met him at the depot
a suitcase in his hand
I offered him my number
and asked about his plans
He smiled and said most likely
he'd be back around next fall
and if I was still in town
he might give me a call
Then he stepped up
on the greyhound
but the fumes caught in my chest
he headed for the highway
and the highway headed west
now when the air is bitter
and winter's on the wind
I know he's out there lookin',
lookin' for a friend,
yes I think of him out lookin’,
lookin for a friend