From the recording This Old Song

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There's a hell of a snowstorm
out on Route 95
and the truckers have all headed home
and you're out there somewhere
waitin' for someone
while I'm here drivin' alone.

Why do we make it
so hard to be together?
It seems we must like it this way.
But I'm feelin' lonesome
out here on this highway
and I wish that I was
somewhere I could say...

Come to my bedside
and lay by me awhile
stay here as long as you can
You are the woman
my heart believes in
and I believe I could be your man

There was an all night rest stop
a mile or two ago
where I should have gone
and got myself inside,
the wind's blowin' heavy,
the snow's driftin' deep
and soon there will be no place to hide

But I've got this notion
I've got to keep on goin'
and find myself a better place to be.
but I've got no reason
to get down off this highway
unless you might be waitin' there for me

Come to my bedside...

I believe I could be your man
and if you had your
back against the wall
you've got my number
just say the word
and I'll be there in no time at all

Now the radio station's
playin' all night blues,
but it seems like I've heard it all before
there's a man in the song
whose woman done him wrong
and he just can't take it anymore.

But now the drummer's got the rhythm
of the sleet on my window
and the windshield wiper's
tappin' two and four,
but who cares if I've got
the key to the highway
if I ain't got the key to your door

Come to my bedside...