From the recording This Old Song

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You may think this is clumsy
you'll probably think it's trite
I know my words are foolish
and rarely come out right
but it's late in the evening
the mornin's on the way
it's much too late for changes
but the meaning still remains

That if I had the words to say "I love you"
I'd shout them from the mountains
'til everybody knew
I'd write them in the sky
and I'd paint them on the sand
and they would not be so hard
to understand
they would not be so hard
to understand

You always seem to listen
but I wonder if you know
the places in my heart
where I do not let you go
sometimes you do seem puzzled
when I look into your eyes
but if I put it plainly
I think you'd be surprised

That if I had the words...

If I had a dollar
for every time I let you down
I'd buy you a new car
and take you from this town
we'd ride a hundred miles
down some crooked country road
and find ourselves a quiet place
that no one else would know

But if I had the words...