Seasons' Greetings to All!

This month I am pleased to present two songs. Bound to be Real is the opening track from my soon to be released CD, Nobody’s Angel. It is a high energy tune recorded with a great group of players and singers. While the lyric and video are lighthearted and playful, the song introduces a spirit of philosophical musing and exploration that permeates the album.

A Better World (not on the album), is an original song for Christmas and the holidays that was first released at this time last year. The recording is pure Whose Muddy Shoes, recorded live in the studio, with a unique whistling solo by band member Robin Winter. You can see the lyric video by clicking the song title, or go to the Songs page where you can access a free download. 

You can hear any of the new songs by pressing the play buttons to the left. Or, you can enjoy them as YouTube videos by clicking, Bound to Be Real, A Better World, Everybody's Lonesome, or The Old Violin. Thanks!


Featured Song of the month:


Bound To Be Real
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